Das enter-net-Team

The enter-net-Team


Werner Kleinhorst
Historic Writing Instruments

Det Baumann
Historic Writing Instruments

Peter Schaefer

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Short biography    
In the early 80s all started with two old Montblanc fountain pens. From then on I "grabbed" every old pen I could find. Many years I thought to be the only one with such a strange hobby. That changed dramatically the first time I went online with a PC in 1995. There weren't too many sides with pens on the Internet then, but at least I got additional information and contacts. Following that I put part of my collection up under 
http://www.enter-net.de/pens . These pages are still up and running nearly unchanged since then. Besides German fountain pens from Montblanc and Pelikan I am interested today mainly in historic Combos (multi-functional writing instruments) and Eversharp Skylines.

Another sticking point was the discovering the American eBay Auction. After some good but also bad experiences I decided to set up an own Internet Auction for Germany especially for fountain pens. The cornerstone was set for Germanys first online Auction ever.

Peter was responsible for the design of the whole site and later on Det joined us, who signed responsible for the English translations and also brought his own pens up for auction. Both have had a significant part in making enter-net Auctions possible in today's form.
Meanwhile there have been set up a number of automated Web auctions in Germany. But a moderated Auction of this kind is still unique worldwide.

At this point my special thank goes to the many Pen Collectors all around the world, who supported the project with their bids and thus made it possible. I hope the new outfit and the extension to Photographica and Collectibles goes down as well.


born in Dortmund, Germany


Secondary school qualifications, starting an apprenticeship as trained clerical worker. At the same time education as sales and marketing assistant for office equipment and organization supply.


Qualification and extended vocational training as sales expert for print/copy machines. Several specialized professional trainings.


Representative in field service for office machines


For health reasons education and extended training as insurance consultant. Working as district inspector, district manager, organization district manager and organization manager.


Takeover of a general agency for insurance.

since 1995

Quit the field services due to a spinal column disease. In the following working as manager and since online with different assignments for enter-net.
Werner Kleinhorst
Linscheidstr. 60
58762 Altena
Telephone (02352) 912 973
Telefax (02352) 22324
Email: w.kleinh@onlinehome.de
Internet http://www.enter-net.de
Short biography    

Early 1997 after nearly 15 years of hacking on computer keyboards I was shocked by the fact, that my hand cramped after one single sentence written by hand. So I went out, bought a good fountain pen and started practicing again. Collecting pocket watches had become much too expensive for me, so my collector's instinct lie fallow for some time. My special interest in mechanics of watches could be transformed to fountain pens - with the positive difference, that I could repair fountain pens, which I couldn't do with watches!

Late 1997 I lurked through the Internet and found Werner's first Fountain Pen Site at enter-net.
It was German only and I was so enthusiastic about it, that I offered Werner to do the English translations.

That gave a fruitful cooperation in a virtual world. We are old friends now, although - unbelievable - we've never met in person!

Meanwhile a few hundred pens went through my hands. My personal interest in the technical features and the restorability of writing instruments is much higher than just accumulating items.
Therefore the enter-net Auctions is ideal for me. I can keep my personal collection small. Even so I can try out many different models, restore them and then decide: into the collection or into the auction.

My part on enter-net Auctions are translations and eMail listings to special news groups.
Please blame just me for bad English!


born in Oldenburg, Germany
raised in Bremen


high school, university entrance qualification, apprenticeship for wholesale and foreign trade, university dropout to live the sorrowful but free life of a jazz musician (guitar and later on double bass as main instrument).


Co-associate of Bremen Jazz Club "Roemer"


Move to Switzerland (...cherché la femme)

to 1986

Freelancer at the Historic Museum Bern and the Swiss Theater Collection

since 1987

Institute for Medical Education Bern as information scientist development of special software for multiple choice tests relational databases administration, production and evaluation of multiple choice tests for medical students in Switzerland.

since 1984

playing double bass in various traditional jazz bands in and around Switzerland.
Dethardt Baumann 
Hintere Engehaldenstr. 84A 
CH 3004 Bern / Switzerland 
Tel office: ++41 31 632 35 84 
Tel private: ++41 31 302 21 18 
email: dethardt.baumann@iae.unibe.ch
Peter Schaefer - PHOTOGRAPHICA
Peter Schaefer - PHOTOGRAPHICA
Short biography    

As a graphic designer but also private I am concerned with photography since many years. Collecting historic cameras must have been a logical consequence of that interest. Strange things happened to me after the first old camera found its way to my home. Non-insiders will hardly believe it, they multiplied in a peculiar way, I got more and more and no ending in sight.

I am addicted mainly to the early cameras with bellows, but there can be found fascinating examples of not so old cameras.

Already 1997 a friend, Werner Kleinhorst, opened the enter-net Auctions for historic writing instruments and I was responsible for the development of the Web design of this site.
(Design of Websites had become major  part of my work as designer).

After a remarkable success of the Auction for historic writing instruments we now make one step further and extend the Auction with special pages for Photographica and Collectibles in common.


born in Dortmund, Germany


Study at the Advanced Technical College in Dortmund
Main interest Lithography/Illustration


Patronage through "International-Senefelder-Foundation"

since 1982

Member of the National Association of Fine Arts


Part-time lectureship for Lithography at the Advanced Technical College Design in Dortmund

since 1982

Freelancer in various activities in the graphic area

since 1991

Computer-aided Design:
-Photographic development


Prizewinner in Corel-Design-Contest

since 1977

Numerous single and group exhibitions
Peter Schaefer
Kiebitzweg 5a
58239 Schwerte
Telefon (02304) 976-476
Telefax (02304) 976-478

Email s.design@t-online.de
Internet http://www.enter-net.de