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Germany's first established Auction House for Collectors on the Internet!!!

We already started in 1997 at a time when nearly nobody thought of bidding on items through the Internet. Today there is a whole line of such virtual Auction sites. Nevertheless we have some unique features for you. 
Have fun discovering our system of virtual Auctions.
Our offerings were limited strictly to collectors of historic fountain pens and writing instruments only.
Now we are proud to present the same services also to collectors of Photographica and other collectibles.
But what is so different to other large automated Auctions?
Please read on and compare with your Internet Auction place!

  Your Desires  - Our Solutions
You are a collector and you are looking for ANTIQUE FOUNTAIN PENS, MECHANICAL PENCILS and other items related to the "WRITING" theme?
  We offer special Auctions of historic writing instruments moderated by experts - click here for MORE
You are a collector and you are looking for PHOTO CAMERAS and other items related to the "PHOTOGRAPHICA" theme?
  NEW - Special Auctions of historic Photo Cameras moderated by experts.
You are collecting something completely different:
  NEW- the moderated Auctions for everything beautiful or collectable.
You do not want to pay more than absolutely necessary:
  All starting bids are much lower than normal prices of specialized dealers or the actual market value.
You want absolute security for best possible descriptions and you want to see what you spend your money for:
  We are very experienced and should we go wrong with anything (we are humans, aren't we?) you have a money back guarantee - take that for granted!
You want the widest ranging guarantee, that your payment arrives for sure, the items quality meets the description and the item reaches you in that same condition:
  Just our one and only system for payment and shipping enables us to give you this promise. The makers of the Auctions themselves guarantee for it. ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE!
You want to stay anonymous while bidding and even for the seller:
  That you can get just from us. Payment to us directly and normally delivery also from us here. We guarantee that on your request nobody ever will get to know, who got the final bid on this lovely jewel. Our mouth is kept shut!!
You want to know the additional cost from the start:
  NEW- Our unmatched service was price effective before and now even has become more fair.
You want to know whom you entrust with your money::
  All payment directly to and from the makers of Enter-Net Auctions.
You want to take affect on items to be delivered to auction:
  If you are looking for something special, we are doing a search for you. We will be able to solve most of your wishes..
You want to be informed of all actual deliveries on a weekly basis:
  Every registered member will receive a weekly Email newsletter with all actual items and bids. UNMATCHED !
You want more info and answers before bidding:
  No problem - send an Email and the experts on the topic will answer your questions.
You want an estimated price from an expert and the most detailed description system on Internet::
  Every item has an own description page with a picture and detailed listing of the parts and their condition.
In addition you find an expert estimate - click here for MORE
If these solutions meet your profile, then you are at the right site. Rules are simple. If you follow the links you will get the answers for all your questions. If anything still is to ask, just write an Email to

Are you curious now? You can have a look at all Auctions now. Before bidding you have to register first. Of course, without any cost and without obligation.
At the same time you register, you will be subscribed to our Auction Newsletter. All data will be treated confidential. You will stay anonymous from outside.

Do you have additional questions? Test us at: Auktion@enter-net.de

The Enter-Net Auction Team wishes you good luck for your bids and a great time while looking at the Auctions. 

Please follow the links shown down here. You can also use the navigation buttons at the top or at the left part of this page. From there you will reach to all other pages of Enter-Net Auctions: 

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